About Us

Do you have it? That instinctive desire to want to help others? If so, you may have the Caring Gene® -which means you are pre-qualified for a job in the caring industry.

This innovative multi-media recruitment campaign, brought to you by the Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA) aims to increase the applicant pool for healthcare career and training opportunities across New York State. It was born from the idea that some people are simply born to care for others, but are not aware of the amazing opportunities waiting for them within the care industry. Originally funded through New York State Department of Health to assist with long term care recruitment, the Caring Gene® concept resonated so deeply with people and effectively helped with recruitment that we decided to continue the campaign and the website past the funding period.

The Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA) is a trade association that represents more than 50 hospitals and health systems in upstate New York. IHA advocates for the needs of rural hospitals, and works with them to combat struggles such as staffing challenges related workforce issues. Because of this dedication to workforce improvement, IHA was designated by NYS as the only statewide Workforce Investment Organization (WIO).

Caring Gene® Recruitment Website

Provider organizations that are Caring Gene® recruitment members have the ability to post unlimited open positions on the job board, and receive applications from interested job seekers directly through the site. If you are a provider organization and are interested in learning more about the recruitment membership click here.

Caring Gene® Academy

IHA WIO has years of experience running online virtual training programs with both acute and long-term providers. We specialize in the transition from in-person training to online education. We developed the Caring Gene® Academy, an innovative Learning Management solution to provide training and development for care employees in New York State at a discounted price, while also helping organizations continue the shift towards a virtual learning strategy.

If you would like to learn more about this program and how you can receive discounted training and administrative pricing, CLICK HERE.