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Schedule: M-F 9-5pm

Full Time

Schedule: M-F 9-5pm

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Looking for a rewarding experience where you will learn how to manage the finances of a business> Do you have a thirst for learning and enjoy working on high-impact projects which require analytical thinking? If so, we are the right firm for you.

As a healthcare provider, enduring that we have robust and scalable financial solutions within our organization is key to our future growth and success. We are looking for a motivated, hardworking Finance & Accounting Analyst who would be responsible for supporting our fiscal department across a range of tasks.

Patient Home

Certification Requirements

College graduate with experience working in healthcare

Experience working in the healthcare industry is a plus

Must be able to fluently read, write, and speak the English lanuage

Job Requirements

Diligent work ethic

Sense of urgency when handling tasks

Impeccable attention to detail

Strong organizational skills

Strong math abilities

Ability to multi-task, balance competing priorities

Maintaining employee & client confidentiality

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel a must

Proficieny in Quickbooks a must


Job Responsibilities

Perform weekly payroll, billing, and financial reporting

Reconcile of banking statements, payments, accounts receivable, and accounts payable

Liaise with employees and clients on any payroll or billing inquires that may arise

Maintain employee and client fiscal information

Posts transactions/adjustments into the agency’s computerized system

Retrieving financial, administrative, and patient information

Interactions with clients, employees, and other stakeholders

Implementation of new techological software for the business

About UniversaCare

UniversaCare is a fully licensed and accredited Home Care Provider serving the NY Metropolitan area and Nassau County

Additional Company Information

We provide full PPE to all out caregiver family (masks, gloves, hand sanitzer)

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