In Home Caregiver

$17 / hour

Full Time / Part Time


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$17 / hour

Full Time / Part Time

Location(s): New York

Location(s): New York

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Examples of Responsibilities:

  • Preparing snacks and meals to help sustain and satisfy the client throughout your time with them.
  • Encouraging light exercise (walks, bikes, swims, stretches) to keep the client active and physically moving.
  • Tidying up the house and helping with basic housekeeping tasks that keep the home environment neat and enjoyable for the client.

Patient Home

Certification Requirements

Certified HHA or PCA

Job Requirements


  • Experience –If you’ve had a job or experience in a position with similar goals and responsibilities, we’d love to connect with you. Already certified PCAs and HHAs can start right away
  • Skills – We’re looking for individuals that are compassionate, social, trustworthy and service-minded. If you have experience cooking, cleaning or caring for others, that’s a bonus!
  • Characteristics – Do you like to work independently with someone to lean on for guidance and support when you need it? We’re looking for individuals that are self-motivated and willing to learn through experience and receiving feedback.

About Allwel

Our founders had a very clear vision when they began this agency two decades ago. Working in related fields, the owners pooled their expertise to create a new agency. They began Allwel in order to meet two missions: First, they wanted to create a model of care that prioritized listening to the patient, respecting the patient, and valuing the patient. Second, they wanted a workplace where people enjoyed coming to work and could find a meaningful career. This is why you’ll find many staff have stayed with Allwel through the years.

How to Apply

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